The Routine of Genius

19 Apr The Routine of Genius

I read this article over on the Harvard Business Review Blog (ht: Todd Henry) a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to shake it from my mind.

I think I, like most people, think that creatives just fall into things, that they’re spontaneously creative and it comes without effort.  The more I read though, the more I realize that, that is completely not true.  In fact, it’s the opposite…creatives are extremely focused and disciplined.  The difference is that they’re focused on one particular craft rather than a collection of things (including their social lives).

So, starting today I’m trying to get disciplined.  I downloaded an app for my phone called Balanced and added a few things that I want to do every day:

  • take a walk
  • read for 30 min [a book]
  • blog or journal
  • create or design something

It’s a simple list, but I’m tired of my time slipping away without focus.  Facebook, twitter, and my RSS feeds tend to put me into more of a consumer mindset rather than a creator and it’s just unhealthy.  So, here’s to a new start on getting focused!


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