CW Three – Time Machine

17 May CW Three – Time Machine

Well, it’s taken a year, but I’m back at it.  Restarting my Creative Workshop Challenge on number 3, “Time Machine”.  I don’t know why I got hung up on this one, but I did.  I recently picked up a couple books that has resparked my desire to push forward with graphic design.  The first was a book called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” which so far seems to be a collection of ideas from Daniel Pink, Keirsey, and Steve Martin…I was familiar with the first two, but after a couple different people mentioned it, I also picked up Steve Martin’s, “Born Standing Up” which is somewhat fascinating, with the overarching thesis being simply this: hustle.  So, enough excuses, it’s time to get busy.

Challenge number three is this:

Select a print ad from before 1980 that you admire, then redesign it in a contemporary style as a full-page color ad.

I found some old Kodak ads that sparked my interest and went after a minimalist design.  A little rusty, but glad to be back at it.

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