CW Six – Mr. Blue

29 May CW Six – Mr. Blue

The challenge:

Design the masthead and cover of a new magazine devoted solely to things associated with the idea of blue

Ooooo…creativity is being a little more unleashed, I like it!  So, I went with the idea of blue being associated with boys.  Having a two year old myself, I recall this gauntlet of baby blue clothing and swag that accompanied him and there seemed to be some fun ideas to roll with.  I started with trying to name the articles with puns(blue suede shoes, wild blue yonder, etc), but that was a little too time consuming so I eased up.

What I learned: cover photos are REALLY important.  You need something with a fair amount of negative space, especially at the top and some symmetry helps (so a somewhat centered, looking square at the camera is helpful.  Also, the grid seems to be creeping into importance with layout, so I’m going to get more familiar with that…starting with tomorrow’s challenge which just happens to be grid-centric.  So, without further ado…here it is. Onward and upward!


If you’re just catching up, I bought this book, the Creative Workshop which contains 80 challenges that promise to sharpen and strengthen my design skills.  I’m going to go through one by one, complete the challenge and then post the results here.  It’s that simple.  (Think Julie & Julia, only without the amazing food or Oscar award winning actors) Will I crash & burn?  Will I make it to the end?  Will I die from creative block?  We shall soon find out.

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