CW Four – One Line Logo

27 May CW Four – One Line Logo

The Challenge

Create an identity design for the 2016 Olympic Games.  The initial sketch must be composed of a single, unbroken line.

04_Rio_brainstormA simple idea, but a difficult solution.  It took me almost a week of brainstorming to get around to the design I settled on.  Some people can just sit down and let their mind wonder, others need to do research and look for comparable ideas, I’m very much the latter.  The design is a little cleaner than I’d like really, but you have to move on at some point.  I’ve included a glimpse into some of the brainstorming ideas before reaching the final sketch.

One thing I’m learning, designing must become a discipline and something I do EVERY day.  Otherwise I get rusty and when a real project does come up it’s a lot more difficult to get rolling.  With that said, on to CW Five!

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