07 Feb silence isn’t always golden.

Well it's been 9 months so I guess I'm a bit overdue to post. I do plan to continue and even finish the Creative Workshop Challenge at some point, but it's on hold for the moment.  Here's why: My life is cyclical.  By that I mean,...

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26 May Stella’s Day

This video was the start of a big change in my life.  I never really had a dog growing up, but after spending time with Jen's family as well as other friends I started to want one.  We searched long and hard for the right...

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15 Oct Did he have passion?

There's this great little romantic movie called Serendipity that I really love.  I don't know all of the reasons, probably something about destiny and love and chance that draws me in.  But aside from all of that, there's this little quote in the movie when...

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