26 May Stella’s Day

This video was the start of a big change in my life.  I never really had a dog growing up, but after spending time with Jen's family as well as other friends I started to want one.  We searched long and hard for the right...

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29 Jul Blog down…for now.

If you're a subscriber you should probably know that the blog is down for the time being and probably won't return for a while.  I've switched over to use the domain primarily as a portfolio for my graphic design work, which you can view by...

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10 Feb Origami = iPad

5 years ago I happened across this little video that got my heart going pitter-pat.  It was a 'concept' video from Microsoft highlighting a product called "Origami".  It may be hard to imagine in the age of Android and iPhones, but it used to be...

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