09 May RSS

For those of you that don't know or don't use RSS feeds, this post is for you (yes, even including you, Jen). If you look down on the right hand side of this page you'll see a few little link boxes. In fact, if you...

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09 May Apple iPod?

Will Apple’s Stop making iPods? Here's an interesting little article (which is linked to the original) about how Apple may just be getting out of the iPod business. Seems crazy at first since it's their big seller, which has moved them from an...

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05 May Sage RSS – Slashdot

1. Your Headline Reader Has Been Banned Your RSS reader is abusing the Slashdot server. You are requesting pages more often than our terms of service allow. Please see the FAQ link for more information, and if you email us, include your IP's srcid: 20901624B08BA89A. 2. You...

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