23 Sep email.

I went to this private college in Southern Ohio that prides itself on being technologically advanced. That was actually one of the things that pulled me to it. Years before I even stepped foot onto their campus they had wired every single dorm...

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14 Sep + and –

+ full pitchers of sweet iced tea + + the new widescreen Thinkpads + finding a credit card you didn't know you had. + National Geographic Channel (a lot of Discovery channel-like programming) + Granitas! (iced coffee/milk shake) + new cell tower in dead zone + your wife allowing you to...

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22 Aug blessed.

A few days ago Jen and I were driving somewhere when she turned to me and said "You know, I am glad I'm little, because being average sized would just be boring". I laughed and agreed. It's amazing to me how God continues...

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