11 Nov I hate tech…rehersals.

We've been in Nashville for less than a week now and rehersals have been going on for what seems to be an endless 3 days. We're doing "tech rehersals" now, which basically means that the crew is working on lighting, sound, and scene changes,...

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07 Nov all i need.

Just thinking today about how people in general look for all kinds of things to fill their lives and spend all of their time searching for fullfillment, when all they really need is God. Even as Christians I think sometimes we look for happiness...

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25 Oct cellphone etiquette

Two years have passed since I started my last contract with Cingular…which means it’s time for a new phone. After a long and tedious debate I went with the SMT 5600 . It received great reviews, it’s just a little bigger than...

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