18 Mar my new axe.

A couple weeks ago I started the journey of looking for a small-scale electric guitar. It seemed like an easy enough task, although I have been down this road before with not such great results. However I was pretty optimistic that if I...

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10 Mar Let’s Go To Canada!

I don't know why, but everytime I come to Canada I can't think of this old song by a Christian-Ska band, "Five Iron Frenzy". The song is called "Oh, Canada" and it's lyrics are just kind of a laundry list of things that makes...

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24 Feb photoshopped.

As I've been looking around for photography tips and digging in a little more to the portrait scene, I've quickly learned that EVERYTHING in our current day is being photoshoped like crazy. Sure the photographers start out with nice photos, but they definitely spend...

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