15 Sep time to switch.

Ok, I am officially done with Windows Vista. I'm tired of all the little settings that you have to tweak, I'm tired of the drivers that don't load, won't load, or aren't available. I'm tired of it crashing and not working right. ...

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24 Aug give me passion.

Lately, I've found myself wishing for more passion in my life.  No, not that kind of passion.  I just mean, I wish there was something that I was truly passionate about.  There are a dozen things that I like or enjoy...

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18 Jul 11 things i wish i did more.

read (non-internet sources) call old friends make video projects photograph people sing play guitar journal pray listen to music blog say "i love you" It's obvious that I don't blog very often, but it's not by choice. I just can never come up with enough to say or the right way to say it. ...

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